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  • Selden S20 Drain Cleaner - 5L
  • Selden S20 Drain Cleaner - 5L

Selden S20 Cleaner – 5L

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Selden S20 Drain Cleaner – 5L

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Removes baked on fat and shortenings from ovens and kitchen ranges. Powerful chemical action dissolves fat blockages in drains and grease traps. Ideal food plant cleaner for manual and circulation cleaning. Directions: Blocked Drains and Food traps: Scoop out excess water. Pour approximately 1 litre of S20 into blockage or drain, leave for 30 minutes to liquefy deposits. Wash clear with water. Oven Cleaning: Dilute S20 1 part to 7 parts water. Spray or sponge onto warm equipment. Leave to penetrate and soften carbonised build-up. Rinse clean with fresh water. General Plant Cleaning: Dilute S20 1 part to 80 parts water. Mop, scrub or pressure wash to remove contamination. Rinse thoroughly after use. Soak greasy and carbonised utensils in a solution of 1 part S20 to 20 parts water. Rinse thoroughly with water. N.B. Do not use on aluminium or galvanised metal. Warning: This product is highly CAUSTIC. Always wear protective clothing, gloves and face/eye protection during use.

Size: 1 x 5L